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Huge cute titties are the pride and joy of Shay Evans, a pleasant Latina with mocha skin and a craving to cum. Stepping out of the shower, she towels herself dry as Alex D. arrives home from a long day of work. Shay is just brushing her hair when Alex joins her and draws her in for a lick that quickly turns to something more sensual.Dropping the towel to let it puddle on the floor, Shay guides Alex by his tie until he is exactly where she wants him to be. Then she slowly drops to her knees, her hands expertly navigating the zip of his trousers. Taking Alex\'s big cock In hand, Shay leans forward to wrap her sensual lips around the tip to start blowing. The girl gets off on the BJ she\'s delivering almost as much as Alex, especially as she reaches her free hand up to fondle her pink..

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