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Murgur is enjoying a morning in bed when Sheril Blossom joins him with her massive boobs peeking out from beneath her shirt and a mug of sexy chocolate for each of them. The chocolate even has whipped cream on top! The treat sticks to each of their noses when they take a sip but leads to a playful time when they exchange a long lick. Murgur dips his finger in the hot and rubs it all over Sheril\'s puffy nipples. He is honor bound to clean up the mess he has made, so he buries his face against her jugs and starts suckling until her nipple is madly. Meanwhile, his hand roams Sheril\'s cunt until he feels the warm wetness through her thong. Then he slides his hand inside to continue feeling up that wet twat.When Sheril pushes Murgur down onto his back so she can take his hardon in hand, he..

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