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Chloe Lamour takes a bath to prepare herself for an intimate evening with Thomas Green. The girl makes sure that her huge boobs are sweet and clean, then steps out of the tub so she can towel her hot body dry. Climbing into a knickers and tank top that can barely constrain the bounty of her knockers, Chloe joins Thomas in the bedroom with the most passionate intent.Climbing onto the bed, Chloe lets Thomas look and touch to his heart\'s content. He slips his hands beneath Chloe\'s crop top, enjoying the heft of her breasts. When Chloe peels the top off, Thomas draws her close so he can bury his face between those generous globes and suckle each nipple to hardness. Moving down Thomas\'s body and taking the sheet with her, Chloe uncovers Thomas\'s erection and takes it in hand to place it..

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